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Some regulations of exported cargo

 Regulation on exported goods

1. Compulsory requirement

- For all exported goods:

+ Senders must complete all information and make invoice, packing list for their shipment

+ Sending note

+ Sender name, Address, Mobile phone,...

+ Recipient, Address, postal code, Mobile phone, email, …

+ Contents of goods, number of packages, netweight, size, sender signature, sending date

+ Clear information of recipient with postal code and mobile number of recipient

-  invoice, packing list information:

+ Contents of goods,

+ Quantity,

+ Value/ unit,

+ Total value of shipment.

2. Clear information of recipient with postal code and mobile number of recipient. If recipient information is unclear, HNC has the right to refuse providing service.

3. For P.O.BOX Mail address: Must have recipient mobile number, 

+ Remoted areas address

4. When shipped through DHL, area connection addition fee is 32 USD 

5. Bulky shipment weight conversion: (Length x Width x Height)/5000 (cm3) 

6. For temporary import and re-export, recipient must provide:

+ Power of attorney for HNC – 2 copies.

+ temporary import and re-export application form.

+ Non-trade customs declaration – 2 copies, 1 with original seal

+  Business registration, Tax no.

+ Other document: invoice, PL...

+  C/O, special cargo import-export permit, quarantine, quality audit (original copy with company chop)

invoice, P/l with original chop

+ export declaration for assurance, repair, must provide email of manufacturer who responsible for guarantee and repair 

7.  For painting

 + For drawing paints, oil-painting: must pass culture audit.

+ Handicraft paintings, lacquer paintings: pass as normal goods. 

8. For goods in wooden package, semi-finished wooden products, must pass sterilization.

9. For chemicals, powder and liquid

     -  Must have MSDS

( Note: MSDS must have 16 contents with original chop )

-            - Must have committing paper from sender.

10. For cosmetic, electronics

-  Must have import permit 

-  Electronic with magnet will be considered as dangerous goods 

11. Flammable goods such as battery will be considered as dangerous goods 

12. Refuse to ship fresh goods