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Outstanding utilities

Hop Nhat Vietnam Group is almost the pioneer on applying information technology and automation on management and operation which is not only help to reduce cost but create a real value and utility for customer.

 Dear value customers

       Established since 2001, after 14 years of development, HNC Vietnam with 100% private equity has become the leading company in express and shipping market of Vietnam. The main service is express shipping, domestic and international shipping, warehouse – logistic, communication, travel, stationery, HNC now has morethan 1200 employees with more than 100 truck weight from 1 to 17 tons run from North to South, more than 200 operation centers in 63/63 provinces nationwide and directly connect to Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, etc. yearly growth rate is 30%, income in 2013 is 400 billion VND. HNC also is the leading company in applying technology and automation in management and operation to lower cost, bring true value : Fast, Safe, Precise and Transparency in quality and charge; and bring best utilities for customers.

1. Outstanding utilities

- Track and trace shipment online through website www.hopnhatint.com by using computer or smartphone.

- Check image of bill with signature of recipient online: Customers always can check the image of bill with signature of recipient through website  www.hopnhatint.comto have precise information of delivery time, recipient,... etc

- Check estimated charge and charge of last months on computer or smartphone through website www.hopnhatint.com.

2. Optimize cost and time for customers

- Electronic weighing and automated billing system: ensure transparency and accuracy in combination with automatic quality management system to closely monitor and optimize quality indicators, shipping time, to minimize costs for customers.

- Saving time of filling billing information: With a system of attached postal barcodes, HNC will print out bill with full information of sender. Each bill has its own barcode to help customers manage each transaction unmistakable.

- Express shipping prepaid service: Based on modern management technology using bar code and security code, high anti-piracy technology, barcode management system tocontrol  each shipment precisely, as well as customer name through prepaid envelopes, helping customers save nearly 15% of the cost.